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Frédéric Dumunier DO(MP)
Fred is a French Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and a graduate of the IFOGA, a French osteopathic school in Avignon, France. He is passionate in his quest to understand the human body and its workings and how osteopathic treatment can influence this complex interactive system. He received an Honourable Mention for his graduation thesis: “Measure of the effects of osteopathy follow-up on the autonomic nervous system with the Heart Rate Variability”.
Jared Thompson, RMT & DOMP, B.Sc. H.K

Jared graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics and a Minor in Health Sciences. He then went on to obtain a Massage Therapy Diploma from Algonquin College in 2012

Jared's love for learning about the human body first began while being heavily involved in sports as a child.  This interest that was sparked through an active childhood eventually led him to study Human Kinetics.  While Jared was working as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor for the Canadian Military his desire for a more comprehensive way to help his clients led him to massage therapy.  Jared works with a diverse clientele from varsity athletes, new mothers to seniors.  He has successfully treated children with developmental and neurological disorders and clients with issues resulting from scar tissue.  Jared is dedicated to working one on one with his clients to implement the appropriate course of care for the best results.  Jared had plans to increase his knowledge with training in Osteopathic Manual Manipulations over the coming years.


Initial Consultation
(incl treatment that day)
60 min $140 tax included

Subsequent Appointments
45 min $120 tax included

Comprehensive Follow-Up
60 min $140 tax included

Short Follow-Up
30 min $90 tax included

Children/Infant Treatment
30 min $90 tax included

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